What type of fabric supplier is best for your fashion business

When you are into the fashion business, the fabric is everything for you. Every piece of garment that you design starts with choosing the right fabric. The selection of fabric is what adds life to your designs.

Fabric is the most important part of designing a garment. Ask why? You can dramatically change the appeal of your garment by just changing the material. You can make a garment from simple to ultra-stylish. All this can be done by just changing the cloth. This is why the selection of fabric is such an important step in designing.

Fabric Sourcing

Every designer must have a reliable fabric sourcing strategy. Before you start designing, you check out the available options. Based on that, you sketch the design you want.

When choosing your fabric supplier, you need to make sure that he can meet your demands. The best way to decide is to ask for samples. By taking a look at the sample fabric, you can decide whether the supplier is fit for you or not. No matter who you choose, he should be able to supply you with high-quality fabrics. This is important to maintain the quality of your garment and also for the reputation of your brand.

Important Questions To Ask

When it comes to choosing your fabric supplier, you need to ask for samples. Sample checking requires a lot of attention. You need to keep in mind that you will need more of the sample fabric when needed. Here are some important questions that you need to ask.

  1.   Whether they will be able to supply you on time?

This the most important question to ask. You need to be sure of your supplier. He should be able to deliver your orders on time. When you are in the fashion business, you cannot delay your production. Your production is dependent on your fabric supplier.

  1.   Ask him about stock availability?

As already mentioned once, you will need more quantities of the same fabric. Therefore, you should ask them about stock availability. You cannot stop your production just because your supplier ran out of stock. This is not an option for you. Therefore, inquiring about it beforehand will help you play safe.

  1.   Ask about the rates?

When you order smaller quantities of fabric, it usually costs you more. But this is just the opposite when you order in bulk. To avoid any disputes, later on, you should first decide the pricing of the supplies you are ordering for. You need to negotiate before receiving the delivery.

  1.   What are the types of fabric he has in stock?

When selecting your fabric supplier, make sure that he has a different collection of fabric in his stock. This will save you the pain to look for a different fabric supplier whenever you need a new type of fabric.

So these are some of the questions you need to ask. This will help you to get the best fabric supplier for your fashion designer.