For our clients, to offer the best quality product, we have our own action plan and follow a plan for successful communication and evaluation of our products.

Some of the activities for this communication and evaluation are:

  • Proto samples
  • Costing on Spec sheets
  • Approval samples
  • Pre production samples
  • Shipment samples
  • Quality controls
  • Timely shipments


We need the Fabric specification (yarn composition, knit, GSM) Size spec, sketch, design and all details of accessories/ prints/ embroidery etc to manufacture a sample for clients' approval. Sometimes, sampling is done in accordance to a client’s given sample (original sample) and then the same is sendto the client for approval. After receiving the report/approval, we make some more samples (approval) in case of buyers' satisfaction. After the order generation, the Pre production/ shipment samples are send, as per the mutual understanding with various different buyers.

Quality Control

There is no compromise made to the fabric, color, quality of the garment at any stage of production and manufacturing. A group of well experienced and efficient, quality controllers are appointed in the company to check and ensure the highest level of quality of garments.


The shipment mode has been mutually agreed upon with the client upon order generation. We have our sincere and honest efforts to ensure high class quality and in-time shipment.