Different Types of Aprons Your Restaurant Needs

The apron is one of the must-haves in any restaurant inventory. A professional chef never enters the work arena without wearing his apron, as the moment he starts working as a chef it becomes an integral part of his work attire.  It has a plethora of uses and is not limited to protect clothes from stains and spillages. 


Here are some useful features of these aprons:

  • Helps in protecting employee’s clothes from stains. 
  • Helps in protecting skin from flames and using it at the right time can help to avoid any accident. 
  • It aids as a barrier to many microorganisms and germs. 
  • It ensures hygiene in the kitchen area as the regular clothes if worn in the kitchen arena can contaminate the food with germs and bacteria.
  • Restaurant aprons also lowering down the overhead expense of laundry. 
  • Restaurant aprons are equipped with multiple pockets that can help employees to carry notepads and pens enabling them to note down all the important instructions given by either employers or customers. 


Types of restaurant Aprons

Restaurant aprons help in brand recognition and also provides aid in creating a positive image amongst employees as well as customers. Thus, it is really important to choose the right kind of apron as it reflects a lot about your work and brand. 

Here are some of the aprons which are widely used in the restaurant all over the world:


  • Lifestyle apron: This is one of the most commonly used aprons as it is highly versatile. It covers both legs as well as the chest and can be worn by any kind of employee at the restaurant. Such aprons also have pockets on both sides and at times in the middle as well that can easily carry pen, notepads and any other important item. 


  • Bib Apron: This type of apron is rather smaller in size and does not provide the entire body coverage, instead of covering the only waist and some part of the legs. It is quite traditional with a loop to be worn around the neck, thread to be tied around the waist and it ends around the upper knee. It is suitable only if you are working at the backend and can save your clothes from spills and stains. 


  • Waist apron: Last but not least, waist apron is perfect for those who are not very comfortable in wearing long aprons as they feel restricted while working. Waist apron sits above the knee and covers only the waist area. These aprons are perfect for those who are not directly involved in cooking are much involved in front end duties. Such employees need to move faster and thus they need something that can provide them with ease and protection at the same time. 


Aprons come in different fabrics, and can easily be customized according to personal needs and requirements. Thus, every restaurant can choose the right kind of colors and fabrics reflecting their brand image just accurately keeping in mind the comfort and ease of employees at the same time.