Adaptive Clothing

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Clothes specially designed for people with a disability are known as Adaptive Clothing. This could infer giving zippers on shoes, giving magnetic closures or Velcro tapes instead of buttons or designing clothing and footwear in a way so that one can get dressed while in a seated position or lying down positions.

The cue to effective and practical adaptive clothing lies in catering to the various needs consumers have, at the same time maintaining style, trend comfort,and fashionability. Lately, some garment brands have started to provide clothing in the latest styles, combining fashion aesthetics and technology and comfort for people with different disabilities as well as their care takers.

Here are some different ways fashion is approaching adaptive clothing.

Examples of Adaptive Clothing are

  • A magnetic zipper in clothing uses magnets to connect the ends of the zip, making wearing the garment with one hand easier. Magnets are also being incorporated in shirts, pants and other garments in place of buttons enabling the people who don’t have the agility or ability to use buttons while dressing themselves.
  • Different styles of shoes aimed at making the process of tying laces easier, or removing the need all together, like zips instead of laces are being done to enable the person to wear the shoes with one-hand.
  • Pants or jumpsuits with half pants or full pants, equipped with full zippers in the inseam, for ease in changing of adult diapers.
  • Pants that are cut higher in the back and lower in the front making them more comfortable for wheelchair users.
  • Tops and dresses with Velcro at shoulders and sides instead of seams to wear these in any sitting or lying down positions.